Musica Vitae


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Photography Musica Vitae Lina Alriksson, photography Benjamin Schmid Wolfgang Liebacher, photography violins (from top) Joel Wyncott, James Beedham, Baher Khairy.

After 25 years with the same logo, it was time for a change. The project was about modernizing the acknowledged chamber orchestras' logotype and creating an identity that better symbolizes the force of classical music. After quite a few visits to concerts and interviews with the members it was clear that the combination of talent and collaboration was in fact the key success of this advanced craft. The change of tempo, the personalities, and the power of the experiences all contributed to the symbolism and a highly powerful and diverse logotype and visual identity.

Musica Vitae logo designed by Studio Poi
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Members of Musica Vitae
Musica Vitae card mockup designed by Studio Poi
Symbol for Musica Vitae designed by Studio Poi
Benjamin Schmid playing the violin
Musica Vitae Web designed by Studio Poi
Program for Musica Vitae designed by Studio Poi